Khajuri Chowk - New flyover looks old after first rain

NEW DELHI: The new flyover at the Khajuri Khas intersection has developed large potholes within two weeks of inauguration. 

Sources say the rush to open the flyover before the implementation of the election code may have led to shoddy surface work that crumbled under heavy rain this week. The new flyover connects the upcoming Signature Bridge with the city's eastern periphery. The Signature Bridge is being built by Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) and the flyover is part of the overall project being handled by the contractor, Gammon India. 

Commuters say the potholes developed during the recent rain. "I was going towards Wazirabad Industrial Area and nearly rode into the potholes towards the end of the flyover,'' said Ranjan Aggarwal, who travels by scooter. The potholes are hard to spot at night, more so as people don't expect them on a new flyover. "It speaks volumes for the quality of work. DTTDC should penalize the contractor. I shudder to think how much further it will deteriorate in the days to come,'' said Vikas Mehta, a Bhajanpura resident. 

DTTDC officials, however, said Gammon India will repair the flyover within a day. Denying that the surface was not properly laid, they blamed heavy rain for the damage. "Whatever happens within a year in the project is the responsibility of Gammon India and they are already repairing the portion of the flyover with potholes,'' said an official. 

Experts said the construction material did not get enough time to settle. "During rain, the bitumen cools and gets degraded. The only option is to cut out the damaged area and repair it completely. Ideally, they should have waited a few more days to open the flyover to heavy traffic,'' an expert said. 

The flyover lies at one of the busiest intersections in east Delhi, connecting the densely-populated areas of Bhajanpura, Shastri Park and Sonia Vihar, among others.

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